I Want to Work at Home

I have now achieved my dream of working at home, I wanted to run a business from home for many years. When the children were young I spent 15 years self-employed, working as a sales agent and loved it. I always wanted to return again to that status. I loved the freedom, being autonomous, no boss, the decisions were mine, good and bad.We survived and had a pretty good lifestyle, our own house, car, holidays and the usual trappings of family life; especially satisfying considering I was a single parent.Once again many years later I am again working at home and I would like to introduce you to the lifestyle and how you can make this happen too.Have you ever considered an online business, basically needing only a laptop and an internet connection? That wasn’t what I did years ago but with the technology nowadays it can be an excellent choice. You don’t need to have great computer skills, just the willingness to learn and your capabilities will develop. You will need commitment and determination to succeed and a bit of patience.If you choose affiliate marketing, probably the simplest form of online marketing you can do as much or as little of the work involved as you wish. In the simplest form you find a successful mentor who offers excellent training and support and takes care of virtually all the necessary work; the professionally written sales pages, delivery, customer service and payments also sometimes providing instruction videos and manuals,. Your role is simply to direct traffic, (customers) to the sales pages in return for payment, there may be full instructions provided to do this, depending on your mentor. However lots of traffic techniques can be found on the internet.Of course it takes time to set up a business, follow instructions, develop the necessary computer skills and techniques and start making an income. It doesn’t happen overnight but it is quicker and a lot cheaper than building a conventional business with premises, staff etc.I would recommend starting whilst you have paid employment as like any business you will have expenses and a learning period. However the challenges and thrill of watching a business you have created from nothing grow and flourish is tremendous. Begin as a hobby business and enjoy the journey; save yourself the stress of needing to earn immediately. In time you can develop your business to the size that suits your time commitment and is right for you.Best wishes for your new exciting venture.